User guide

Qaack is a simple tool to help you manage your QA process. It is designed to be used by developers and QA engineers alike.

The process is pretty simple:

Register on the site

You can register here (, right now it’s for free, we will contact you next month in order to know if you want to suscribe and continue using it.


Log in

After registering you will be redirected here (, introduce your credentials and log in.


Your group

You start with a personal group.


You can check the repos of the group and access to the settings.


Your Qaack file

Write down a .qaack/qaack.yml file in the root folder of your repo.


Check the config file docs to get more information about the format here (

You can also check the showcases repos here (

Your repo

You can add a new repo to your group by clicking on the add button.

  1. Introduce a name for your repo in Qaack

  2. Select the type of repo

  3. Fill the origin or extra information depending on the repo type

If the repo is private and you are using a generic origin there are two options:

  • You can use ssh, Qaack will authenticate automatically

  • You can use https, the form will ask you for your credentials

You can generate access token for:


After adding your repo to Qaack, you will be able to see it in the repos list. Click on the repo and you will be able to see the branches, tags and so on.


Click on create for a branch. Now your env is created. Click on it.

Your env

You can see the created envs in the envs list. Click on the env and you will be able to see the details of the env.


Click on build and wait for your env to be built.


After build you can click on launch and start testing your code!


Your logs

You can check the logs of your envs and services.

In the env details you can see the build logs of the env.

Additionally, you can check the logs of the services of your env.

Your service console

You can access to the console of the services running for your env.

In the env details you can see the console button for every env.

You can click on it, access the console and run commands in it.

Your group members

You can add members to your group, navigate to the group settings and click on add.


Then you can see it in the list and remove it anytime.


Your group or repo variables

You can add variables to your group or repo, navigate to the repo or group settings.


Then you can see the new variable and remove it anytime.


Your repo ssh keys

When you add a repo to qaack a new ssh key is generated for that repo. Just navigate to the repo settings to check it.