This file is located in each version of code and fully describes a environment. It must be located on /.qaack/qaack.yml on the repository.

As the extension indicates, it should be encoded in YAML format.


Lets see which data it hold:

variables string : string | dict

This defines variables. You can specify variables in two ways.

The first one:

You simply add a entry like key:value. For example:

In this way, variables visibility will be always

  test_variable: value

The second one:

You specify the value but also visibility:

value string

The value of the variable

visibility string (optional)

Available visibility are always and buildtime

    value: var_value
    visibility: buildtime

services string : dict

This indicates the service that will compose the environment.

Its a dictionary where the key is the name of the service and the value is a dictionary describing the service.

Each service has the following options:

image string

This is the Docker image that will run this service.

checkout boolean

If place the data of the repository into the service filesystem

start string

Start command for the service.

port integer

Port to expose


  var1: value1
    value: value2


    image: php:7.4
    checkout: true

    image: mariadb