Qaack handles incoming requests to services internally and integrates the requests with the environment management.

This means that when a environment doest exists or its not ready, qaack sends a information page with the current state of the environment.

This page can be customize under the qaackd.yaml config file.

The selection of the target environment and service (optionally) is based on the domain.


Is possible to specify custom aliases for environments on the qaackfile. These aliases are integrated with the qaackfile and the user interface. Check qaack file reference for more aliases info.

Environments will be available with addresses like:

  • [envid].domain.com

  • [alias]-[envid].domain.com

  • [alias]-[serv_name]-[envid].domain.com

Domain matching

  • For domains without subdomain, it servers the API (For example domain.com)

  • Foo domains with subdomain exactly equal to panel it will serve the API (For example panel.domain.com)

  • For the rest of domains, it will find a environment id that matches the subdomain or the characters after the last - if any. (For example, nnnnnn.domain.com and label-nnnnnn.domain.com will find a environment with nnnnnnn id)