Environment build process


This section is planned to be changed, the content here is still provisional

In this page is explained the process that converts a config file into a running, well configured and provisioned environment with a set of services.

The overview process is split into to steps:

  1. Create environment and services

  2. Build the services

Lets see what happens on each step:

On create

When a environment its created the following actions are executed:

  1. Config is fetched from repository on its version and validated

  2. The config is stored along with the environment (for consistency reasons)

  3. A private network is created

  4. Each service is created and included in the new network, in the order which they are specified in the config

  5. The default service is exposed via WebProxy if enabled

On Build

Once we have a working environment, the following step is to fill it and run some commands there.

The procedure is:

  • For each service, in the order which they are specified in the config:

    1. If checkout is true, then the files of the repository are copied into the service at /checkout/ directory.

    2. All the commands of are steps are executed in order