Qaack documentation

Welcome to the official Qaack docs page. In this page you will find information, references and guides about this tool. Qaack (Quality assurance acknowledgment) is self called “web environment manager” (WEM).

What a west environment manager is?

A WEM is a service that runs very close to code platforms and container runtimes.

The goal of this service is to easily create a complete temporal disposable environment to run and test your code, in order to prepare for production deployment.

This project has been created also with the target of speed up the web development process by reducing complexity and saving time.

Where Qaack is useful?

Imagine a team who is developing a website; its composed by a project manager, backenders, frontenders, designers, SEO, marketing, etc. Making a change like implement a new feature or fix something involves several team members (some of them without technical skills).

In the typical workflow, the programmer implement the change and this change has to be reviewed by the PM or someone else. There are several ways to give to the reviewer a complete view of the changes but sometimes it is not easy. For example, imagine a logic change on a website, the programmer should have to do a screen-record and send it. This method works but can be improved.

Using a WEM like Qaack, you can easily create a full working temporal test environment, very similar to production, to see the changes. And it works on the cloud, you can just share a link to anywone to see the changes and test them.


This project is authored by Francisco Sanchez Lopez and Jose Nieves.

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